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May 31st, 2001

poll bug? [May. 31st, 2001|11:40 am]
LiveJournal Development


in ljpoll.pl on like 97 we have: $qopts{'type'} = $opts->{'type'};
then we have the parts the vertify the scale and text parts

but on like 154, we have $qopts{'type'} = lc($opts->{'type'}) || "text";
I'm assuming the first bit really just sets $qopts{'type'} so the vertifying will work.
But, the second instance makes the type lowercase to check if it is a valid type. thus allowing things like type=Scale in, but not working..
At least thats what my limited perl knowledge has figured out...

Just trying to figure out why the type=scale will work, but type=Scale wont, while type=Radio does as well as type=radio

Yea, from what i can see, the defaults are set before type= is lowercased, so type=Text shouldn't really work either. Its not really a big deal, just thought i'd let people know.
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