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May 15th, 2001

Poll Creator [May. 15th, 2001|12:49 am]
LiveJournal Development


Not sure if i should be posting before i finished
But (as an intro for me again to vb), I am currently half finished working on a windows poll creating program, this should ease some people's times in making polls..
should hopefully be done by tommorow..
latest wed..
just have two questions if anyone knows some vb (i really wish i knew mfc)
how do i make a new line in a text box? in message boxes, chr$(36) works.. but not in text boxes i get someting like ...
and how do i add an about box to the system menu (alt+space, or the menu when you click the icon on the top left of a program)
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Poll Creator [May. 15th, 2001|02:06 am]
LiveJournal Development


[mood |gigglygiggly]

Okay :P
I finished it after all tonight
I'm going to bed now, so any bugs, comments, suggestions, etc will have to wait for morning. And i know i have alot of design problems.. this is my first windows program (i normally do mud C programming.. with no windows, buttons, or anything) so things will be changed..

You can grab a copy here and see an example of the work here

I know the lj-poll name thing isn't setup.. i thought it was hidden and only for the yet to be coded search function (as it says in the faq)

btw.. is it supposed to say "Here's an example entry containing a pool:" (in the faq)?
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We have found Brad a Mac [May. 15th, 2001|04:15 am]
LiveJournal Development


We have found a PowerMac 7500 for Brad to use for Mac debugging. And it's free.

Here's the tech specs on the machine from everymac.com.
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Massive Death [May. 15th, 2001|10:26 am]
LiveJournal Development


I woke up to find all the web servers using hundreds of megs of swap and perl processes spinning endlessly.

Kenny didn't like using all its swap and kept crashing.

I finally killed and restarted everything so it's working for now. However, here's the big question:


I imagine two possibilities:

1) We were attacked. There are limits in LJ code... somebody could potentially upload a 500 mb journal entry and LJ code would choke all over the place trying to deal with it.

2) I can't code. There's some infinite loop eating up memory, which I think is more likely, given that shutting down apache killed all but several perl processes which continued to eat memory and grow.

But... the symptoms of 2) could be caused by 1)... like if it was still proessing a 500 mb journal entry.

So, I need to put limits in place pretty fast so this doesn't happen again, and at the same time I'd like people to continue to review my code for things that are shitty.

This sucks. I need more help.

Update: It's happening again. :-(
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Spell-checker for Message Boards. [May. 15th, 2001|01:49 pm]
LiveJournal Development


[mood |curiouscurious]
[music |Taliesin Orchestra - Only If...]

Exactly how difficult would it be to add the same spell-checker used in the Web client to the Post Comments form? I find it keeps me from looking like a complete idiot more often than not. ^_^
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(no subject) [May. 15th, 2001|03:46 pm]
LiveJournal Development


Would anyone be willing to help me out with the superpimp installer system?
or any other idea
well.. if anyone thinks its needed..
here is my gavin.nsi, for superpimp
and here is my finished version (except for bugs, or spelling mistakes).. Not sure if anything else is needed..

Update: After a couple of problems, i've packaged it using the vb util. its much larger (1.40 megs as opposed to 96KB) but here it is
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Client Protocol Docs Broken - Clients Broken [May. 15th, 2001|04:44 pm]
LiveJournal Development



I've mentioned this in passing before, and also typed most of it out a few moments ago and then accidentally closed the client. (doh) I mention it in this more prominant location because it isn't obvious but it's quite important.

The problem stems from the protocol docs, which most (all?) of the client authors just ripped the example HTTP request out of. The Content-type header has a value of multipart/form-data which is the type used in a form with a file upload field which does a multipart encoding. The LJ protocol actually uses application/x-www-form-urlencoded, but the form handler used throughout LJ doesn't actually check the content-type so this has yet to actually cause a problem.

However, in the interests of being 'correct' I think it's important that firstly the documentation be adjusted, and then the clients which have this error be altered slightly to correct this error. Especially with other using LJ now for their own uses, clients sending incorrect HTTP requests is likely to be a source of confusion when things don't work as expected. (It took me quite a while to track down the problem when I was trying to use an LJ client with my php LJ protocol emulator!)

When I last checked, the clients which had this problem included the various forms of the win32 client, loserjabber (although I didn't check the CVS version, and I checked quite a while ago) and mIRC-LJ (fixed).

Apart from anything else, if the clients send correct Content-type headers it may be possible to support other encodings in future where the handler can check based on this header. This might have applications elsewhere if not on LJ itself.

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Client access to fast servers [May. 15th, 2001|07:47 pm]
LiveJournal Development


Problem: LJ clients don't hit the fast servers for paid users, because they don't send the cookie, so the load balancer doesn't redirect the requests.

Solution: The login mode should return a flag saying whether or not the client should add the cookie in subsequent requests.

Sound good?
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Writing journal data to local hard drive [May. 15th, 2001|10:10 pm]
LiveJournal Development


I would like to know if there is anway to download the whole of your journal from the server. I would like to burn a copy onto a disk for safe keeping. Is it possible to develop a client that simultaneously writes a copy of the journal entry to a local directory specified by the user while also uploading the entry onto the lj server? I think this would probably ease the mind of a lot of people who feel their journal entries are at the mercy of some dude in California (not that I'm saying Brad is bad or anything, hey, but you get the picture). Thanks, advice appreciated.
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