May 14th, 2001

Useless server

We got a new kickass server for LJ, but I can't get a damn operating system on it.

Can't get any CD but win2k to boot on it.... debian, progeny, redhat, and freebsd all either say "Boot failed" (the linuxes) or "Read error" (freebsd). they're all burned CDs that aren't working, but i tried a win2k CD burnt, and it works fine.


Blogger server issues...

Looks like Blogger is having their share of technical issues lately. They have been experiencing problems since last Thursday and are just plain not working today. Their latest comments seem to indicate the problem is a database driver which had a connection limit they didn't tell 'em about. Basically, Blogger is down while they're waiting on an a new driver.

Not sure that this info will help anyone here, but it's probably a good idea to keep in mind how small oversights can ruin your day and to plan accordingly...


I'm just going to keep Mandrake on here..... it's not worth the effort trying to get anything else on it. I don't have time. Then I'd only have a billion problems getting the raid setup correctly. And I'd never be able to bug ASL's tech support, either.

nmap localhost .... heh: 15 ports listening. Time to clean this machine up.

2 new webservers from ASL are supposed to be coming today or tomorrow... those are easy to setup though... single IDE disks. Nothing tricky.

Update: started cleaning the mandrake system... "rpm -e XFree86". removing these packages would break dependencies. Yeah, great, just do it. Is there a --follow or --recurse option for rpm? Grrrrrrrrrrr.

Marklar clean

Thanks to spot and the rpm man page, I wrote a little tool to remove rpm packages while following dependencies like apt-get does. I was going to post it here but I just turned off marklar (that's its new name, btw...) because it's loud, as servers tend to be. I'll post it next time I turn the machine on, if anybody's interested.

Anyway, 1.2 gig of crap is now gone and only 3 ports are open now, instead of 15. It hardly resembles a Mandrake system at all now so I can almost tolerate it. Rebuilt a lot of stuff from source, too.

Hopefully I can get it installed in the next few days here.
  • jnala

HTML table question

How can I make this work?
the green box is an image of fixed but unknown size.
this red box should be just large enough to contain the text.
this blue box should contain all remaining vertical space.
I know how to do this with column widths, but I've been staring at the HTML4 spec for hours and can't see a way to do it with row height. The HEIGHT attribute of TR doesn't appear to do what I want. (Konqueror and IE5/Mac do what I want in this case without any height tags, but that's just coincidence of undefined behavior happening to be what I want; IE5/Win32 and Mozilla/Win32 don't have this coincidence.)

This is driving me nuts. This is basic functionality in every other layout engine I've used. Surely there's a way to do it in HTML. But what is it?

I'm running into this problem while making a change to the default style, which is why I'm bringing it up here... In the default friends view, I'm trying to move the userpic/username to the top of the left column, while keeping the time in the second column middle-aligned relative to the userpic/username. If you can figure out a way to do that without running into the above problem, I'd be interested in hearing that as well.

friend group corruption --- damnit.

I used the windows client to edit my friend groups today .... haven't done that in many many months. It totally fucked them up.

Could somebody diff the friends group code from an old client that I wrote with the current one and post it somewhere? (I don't have time.) I'm curious if Visions accidentally broke something, or if my code was flawed to begin with. I'm thinking it was Visions, because I remember designing it well and testing it a bunch. But I hope it is my fault... it's easier to be angry at myself than at somebody else.

Anyway, this is also a warning --- use the website to edit your friend groups for now.

Update: I looked at the diff between 1.3.8 and 1.4.7 ... didn't see anything that would have caused it to break. Damn. My fault. :-(

(no subject)

I need a calendar program for (live(obligatory new tag usage)) . Currently we use a free program from, however, this isn't the best solution for our live section.

What I need is a calendar program that :

  • recognizes a standard LJ log-in

  • can be placed on the actual lj servers

  • can easily post an event to any given day

  • can also easily edit those events

  • can post events to consistent days of the week (every Monday, every other Wednesday, etc)

  • can span events across consecutive days

This is sort of frustrating, because this is just outside my perl knowledge, and yet I don't want to bother Brad with something like this.

Blah. Anyone up for some perl work?
  • jnala

Custom URI prefixes; IE5 toolbands

In Konqueror, you can define custom URI prefixes. For example, gg:foo will take you to, rf:bar will take you to, and you can define other such features.

Can you do the same thing in IE or Mozilla? I bet a lot of people would like to be able to type lj:username to go to, or ljf: to go to their friends page (filtered by group if an argument is given), or whatever.

Along the same lines, it'd be cool if someone could write an IE5 custom tool band for LiveJournal, along the same lines as the Google toolbar.