May 12th, 2001

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How do the existing syndicated users work?

Are they being run off of, or elsewhere?

Could we get the scripts to run them into the server release, and maybe write tools to make setup of syndicated RSS/RDF channels possible by random LiveJournal users?

Also, do we know which other diary/journal/blog/whatever sites support structured-data access, whether RSS/RDF or something else? There are some blogs on Blogger that I'd like to read, but I don't want to hit five more sites every day, I'd really rather access them through my friends list. (If Blogger has a friends-like mechanism, I haven't found it yet; I haven't explored their site much.)

What are the copyright implications of syndication? I'd think it's on shaky ground without explicit permission from the original site, but then, I've never understood how Google can get away with caching pages, and AFAIK they're not getting sued left and right...
  • jnala

Better "similar users" page

So it'd be cool if the find-similar-users tool took into account how common various interests are. A bunch of people are listed as close matches because of shared interests in computers, dvds, linux, movies, mp3s, music, perl, and programming. Yeah, me and every other geek on the planet. I'd scale down the importance of any given interest in proportion to the logarithm of its popularity; it's certainly more interesting to me if someone is into "kubrick" (94 matches) than "movies" (15000 or so), and a fellow "haskell" user (2 matches) is more interesting than a "perl" user (246) or someone who lists "programming" (958). I think I can implement this efficiently.

Anyone else have ideas for tweaks to the similarity metric?

Also, it'd be nifty to have an option to search for communities as well as users. Obviously I can write the code for that as well. :-)
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Community cross-posting

Well, this has been on my mind a lot, but I think thre really needs to be a way to cross-post to multiple communities.

What's this all about? Well, I know that I, among others, am part of both the
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Well, this has been on my mind a lot, but I think thre really needs to be a way to cross-post to multiple communities.

What's this all about? Well, I know that I, among others, am part of both the <a href="</a>Mac OS X</a> and <a href="">Macintosh</a> LiveJournal communities, and a lot of the Mac-related stuff in there would be great in both, reaching different people (and there are even more mac communities that could be posted in, that are not watched by me). Plus, a lot of things I post in communities--which I am part of quite a few--I would also like to post in <b>my</b> journal, but then there might be even <b>more</b> duplicates! Though, some of us, including myself, might see it twice. The same goes for posts in all of the lj_whatever places (biz, dev, maint, &c), and many more places on LiveJournal where different posts might apply to multiple communities, and thse communities, usually related on a single point, may <i>both</i> be on someone's friends list... The fact is, it happens to me, and I've heard some other people saying something about it as well.

It would seem like another little "easy" thing to just plop right onto LiveJournal, merely at first, but when you think about it, it would really blur the meaning of "entries," and require what would seem to be more cross-checking, and, of course, a new interface for the client(s). Therefore, new protocol as well. So it really isn't an easy change, or a quick one either, but it certainly would help make cross-posting and posting to other communities easier, to think of adding in this new ability, in the future, or even gradually. Please.

Happy 15-minutes-till-Mother's-Day, LiveJournal. Isn't Brad kind of like LiveJournal's Mom? Well, and Dad. Maybe Blythe is LJ's Mom. Heh. :) Anyway.
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