May 10th, 2001

  • jnala

Latest server release, more notes

bin/ hardcodes the path /usr/bin/grep; on most Linux systems, grep is in /bin. This causes the check to see if qbufferd is already running to fail, and it will start another copy regardless. This happens every five minutes with the suggested cron entries in INSTALL.

I upgraded last night, and came back this morning to find my system completely hosed. :-( Too many open files. Blah.

Anyway, one-line patch to fix this is attached.

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  • spot

LiveJournal Server RPMs for Red Hat 7.1

Upon the mention from someone (I believe in loserjabber somewhere) I rolled RPMS for all the items needed to install a LJ server on a Red Hat 7.1 system. As such, I've also included modified INSTALL instructions. Please comment on them and let me know of fixes/improvements/outright fuckups.
Also, I went ahead and included Alan's qbufferd patch (hence the -2).

The download URL is

Keep up the good work, ladies and gentlemen. :)
  • jnala

Age discrimination by LiveJournal

LiveJournal discriminates against nonogenarians! htdocs/editinfo.bml:
     if ($FORM{'year'} && ($FORM{'year'} < 1910 || $FORM{'year'} > 2000)) { push
 @errors, "Invalid birthday year.  Enter a 4-digit year."; }

Could we change the range to 1000-9999 (the range of MySQL's DATETIME)? We don't have the same time_t issue that we had with backdated posts, since 1910-2000 is already outside the range of time_t.
  • jnala

Another bug

editinfo_do.bml won't allow you to enter an email address like, even if you're not using the LiveJournal feature that gives paid users email accounts The fix:

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Missing data

I just noticed that the SQL for the list of moods isn't distributed with the LJ source. I'll fix that in the next release this weekend.

Is there anything else I forgot to include?

Query buffering necessity

Talking to myself again probably: I don't think the default install of LiveJournal as we distribute it should require the qbufferd running, or do any query buffering at all. I doubt anybody will be getting as much traffic as does. I think I'll make a new $LJ::BUFFER_QUERIES option, then change query_buffer_add/_flush to respect it. Pretty easy change. Then we can leave that out of the INSTALL file. I figure we can have a sepate part of the documentation that talks about tuning the installation for high load, which'll mention the use of qbufferd.