May 3rd, 2001

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Where is the official bug report submission place/address? I still haven't been able to find it. Until then, I'm going to mention this here.

The style browser links on the support requests, which list the style ID's of the users filing the request, do not work. A generic 404 error message occurs.

Additionally, trying to preview usernames int he style browser doesn't work. It worked when the announcement that the style browser was back up a few days ago or so, so something changed?
  • stipe

Pepys Supports Backdating, and a Question

Subject pretty much says it all. Pepys Swing now has an option in the "Post Options" window that allows you to set the date for a new post, and also to set the post as being backdated. It's really ugly looking at the moment, but seems to work.

Question is regarding the login mode and the clientversion variable. Currently I'm sending "Java-PepysApplet/0.1.0" as the string, but I haven't seen it show up as being one of the clients that I use, or in any of the statistics. Do I need to "register" the client (ie get Brad or someone to make the database recognize and record it or something), or am I doing something wrong? If each client version needs to be registered somehow, I'll hold off until the versions are a little more stable.
  • piman

Poll stuff

This is just a post to point out that I'm not dead, and my work with LJ::Client is still going (and I'm half-done fixing the problems with my syndication scripts, so that should come back sometime this month.)

Also, I was wondering if anyone's working on a simple way to make polls for people that don't want to learn the pseudotags. If not, I'd be interested in doing it (I have some ideas on how to implement it already).