May 2nd, 2001

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Online Help Archive

I'm going to cut introductions short, and just get to the heart of the matter.

A cursory review of old lj_dev posts didn't reveal anything, but are there any plans underway to archive support requests in an online help system? Such a system could have a few major benefits for livejournal -- less repeat support requests since the past problems and fixes would be archived in a (presumably) intelligently organized fashion, new support volunteers would have pretty close to cut-and-paste-able responses to users who ignore/don't find their problem listed (evading the "professionalism in response" concern that has been touched on in the lj_support journal), and (imnsho) would add a bit more of that organized and professional feel to lj.

Of course, I wouldn't have posted this if I wasn't interested in working on it. So if theres something underway, let's talk. If not, I'd like to know if the rest of you feel this would be a good idea, and if so, what constraints I'm going to have to work under while writing the tools to maintain it and attempting to compile/conglomerate the support responses.