May 1st, 2001

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The interests system provides a list of keywords that define a person, but there is no context. Alan lists "eff", but I only know he means the Electronic Frontier Foundation because I know a little bit about him.

Idea: Everything2! We'd need a system for establishing the "best" definition for an interest, but once it's all in place, LiveJournal could actually be a good resource.

Or, the cheap way out: Make the interest detail page (/interests.bml?int=something) link to an everything2 node.

(And no, Brad, I'm not asking you to implement this... just thought it was an interesting idea.)


New meta-data for posts: opt_backdated, a bool.

If set, post won't show on friends views or your main page (not inserted into hints table). Also, if you set it when editing an old post (if you forgot to set it when posting originally), then it'll delete the row from the hints table, so it'll be removed from friends views (which is what the user would expect).

Client authors ... want to add this? The full update web page has it.

(this has been a very commonly requested feature)
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side effects of database acting up?

Looking at some users' profile pages today, I noticed that in the fields for their various messenger ID's, what looks like the actual name of the field or vairable is there. Like, my aol IM name right now on my profile page shows up as "aolim," and it's doing that on everyone else's profile that I"ve loaded tonight.

Is this a side effect of the problems you guys are working to fix with the databases and whatnot? Or a new bug that I've noticed? If the latter, I'll submit a bug report... by the way, where is the formal place to submit those? Never submitted a real one before.
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I don't know if anyone's noticed....

but in every single user profile I've checked, including my own, the information for ICQ, AIM, etc, has been fudged up and replaced with the word "icq" or" aolim." Is this just a temp problem while parts of LJ get fixed up/upgraded/fiddled with?
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