April 29th, 2001

  • paul

Client Suggestion

I don't know how hard this will be or anything, considering we don't have a client maintainer anymore.

What my idea is, is basically an upgrade to the flashey thing in the new client that tells you when a friend has posted. It's handy but too handy, at the moment I only read certain friends entries most of the time, unless I have enough time to read the lot, so what would be cool would be the ability for the client to only flash when someone has posted something who is in a certain friends group of mine.

I think it would be really cool if it worked, and I'm sure other people would use it as well as me.
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Source release

Another snapshot of the code is available here.

Notable changes:
  • html cleaner
  • qbufferd fixes
  • ljrpc client/daemon (dormando) ... not useful unless you're running a big LJ installation
  • bin/release.pl ... the script to make source releases. okay, that's not really interesting. but I moved it there so it'd get included.
AlanJ --- Sorry, I started to merge your patch and then realized it was a lot more work than I thought and everybody was nagging me about getting the directory up and running, so I did that instead. I'll finish adding your changes this week ... I really want to. It makes things a lot cleaner.

Then, I need to start finding a way to package this so it's damn easy for other people to install and run .... removing all LJ-specific content, too.