April 28th, 2001

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Help me test!

New version of LJ::TextMessage, need testers desperately... go read in lj_textmessage. :)

(We need people to send tests, and we need people to volunteer to receive them and report back on the results.)
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New features in the Win32 client.

The client has no current maintainer; however, I'm adding features
to it that I need or like, in a completely non-official manner. I thought that other people may need or like these features. There are three new features right now:

1. Support for the 'checkfriends' mode. By default, the client will check every minute (or however often the server tells it) whether the friends of the currently logged in user have any updates, and will flash the tray icon if they do. Flash icons were kindly provided by Scott Freeman.
The popup menu at the tray icon has a new entry to tell it to stop flashing. View->Options menu has a new entry to disable checking for updates.

2. Setting a font for viewing and editing the messages, both in main window and in History windows. The new menu entry is Edit->Set Font, keboard Ctrl-O. The font which is selected is then written into the registry setting and automatically loaded on subsequent runs. This
feature is particularly needed by some users which use LJ to record entries in languages other than English.

3. The client now supports setting a nonstandard server and/or port. For now the settings must be changed manually in the registry, at
HKCurrentUser/Software/bradfitz.com/LiveJournal/Setting, keys
'server' and 'port'.

Here're the Release executable, the Release Lite (no spellcheck) executable, and the source tree. The source was modified starting from the latest official version which is 1.4.6. To test, you can just download the appropriate executable and put them over your currently installed one, having wisely backed it up
before doing that.

Although, again, this is by no means an official release, I welcome bug/test reports about these particular features, and even requests for other features, which I, however, make absolutely no guarantee to try implementing :)

The master plan.

I'm going to attempt to explain everything that's been in my head the past few weeks and what I want LJ to be like in the next month or so.

First, consider the log table. It's almost 3 gig now, and it's structured like crap, I now realize.

The index is on (ownerid, posterid). Ownerid should really be called "journalid" to be more consistent. Owner was used before community journals when I started using journalid more.

The problem with that index is that it only lets you quickly get at entries when you know either the ownerid, or both the ownerid and posterid (prefix matching on indexes, ya know?)

So, if I want to ask LJ to show me all of my journal entries I've posted anywhere, it can't. Pathetic.

Also... I can't post an entry to multiple communities at once (ala newsgroups). Pathetic

See what I'm getting at here?

There's an ALTER TABLE coming up for the 2.7 gig log table. Oh boy.

It's going to be split into two tables... one holding items, and one keeping track of what items are in what journals.

I'll probably have to write some script to do the import slowly over a long period of time ... it's going to be a pain. But while we're at it, we can delete old journals, and we can start compressing old, long journal entries. Dormando is going to write me a UDF function for MySQL that wraps zlib.

So, we do that and then we can cross-post to journals, and we can quickly find ever entry you've posted.

Then, I want to be able to give journal entries unique character names, to be exported into the URL namespace. Think: http://www.livejournal.com/~bradfitz/new_years_eve_2001

Then, I want to be able to list relationships between nodes (er, journal entires). So I can have a "class schedules" node that has children for each quarter I was in college, and my schedule then.

See--- journal entries no longer have to be attached to a journal. :-)

Basically, I want to give every LJ user and community their own everything2 site, journal, and collaboration tools.

Then, I want to build a kick-ass website to replace my old and stale bradfitz.com, using only livejournal.