April 24th, 2001

  • jnala

Getting your server running: A patch, and tips

I went through the entire body of server code and removed most of the hardcoded references to livejournal.com, replacing them with variables in ljconfig.pl. I would appreciate it if others tested the patch - it touches 58 different files, and while I did some testing on my server, it's difficult to test everything. You can get it at http://pobox.com/~jaffray/lj/diff.20010424. (More details on this cleanup effort in lj_audit.)

Stuff I learned the hard way:

If journals aren't updating, make sure qbufferd.pl is running. If it isn't, remove var/qbufferd.pid if it exists, and restart bin/qbufferd.pl.

You need to edit the first few lines of cgi-bin/bml/scheme/global.look, since it doesn't (yet) respect the settings in ljconfig.pl. You probably also want to edit htdocs/inc/email-welcome.

The source tarball doesn't include images, so all your images will either be broken or loading from img.livejournal.com instead of locally. I nagged Brad and he provided an image tarball. Download it and unpack it in ~lj/htdocs.
huge eyeball

Lj Clients

The other night I was trying to figure out how to get the livejournal server to run on a win32 box, and I got to thinking.. even if I managed to get the server running, I would have to recompile any client I would want to run with my server instead of the default livejournal servers.

So this is my proposition.
In future releases of lj clients, perhaps build in an option to choose which livejournal server to use. Perhaps have it default to the normal servers but give people an option either under a preferences area or associate the server info with the user name when people select the active user to use.