April 21st, 2001

  • pvx

GKLJ 0.1.0 / comment on protocol

Two things. First of all, I released GKrellM checkfriends client GKLJ 0.1.0 (tarball, changelog). Future updates will be posted to gklj_announce.

Secondly, I'd like to suggest that the documentation for the checkfriends protocol mode be changed slightly. Currently, the client is asked to supply an empty string for lastupdate once per session, and the string specified by LiveJournal each time thereafter. However, clients should also probably specify a blank string for lastupdate after the user acknowledges an update, otherwise if there's more than one update before the user acknowledges them and loads their webbrowser, the server will erronously say that the page has been updated again immediately after the user acknowledges the original update and resumes their client.
The Doctor
  • aaron

Random Image Swap

Near as I can tell, there's no way to have the server rotate through your user images, or Randomly post an image.
I don't think that the Algorithm would be too difficult to write.
I imagine there would have to be addition properties added to the images (such as 'include this image in random cycle' etc.)
How Difficult would this be to implement.