April 18th, 2001

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Friends page link to Recent Entries

While messing with the overrides on my journal, I changed my lastn_opt_items value to 10, and my friends_opt_items value to 40... then went to my friends page, and (at least using punquin elegant as my style) where it has the link for returning to your recent entries (View 15 recent entries, or something like that), instead of saying 10, since i'd changed that... said 40. Is this a bug, oversight, "feature", or something?

Slightly Confused
-- Buckminst

Regarding Buckminst (http://www.livejournal.com/talkread.bml?itemid=3125287) problem..

Support request: http://www.livejournal.com/support/see_request.bml?id=3804

It looks like there is a problem with the Punquin Elegant style. On the friends page on a Punquin Elegant style, it links back to the last_n page with "Recent %%numitems%% entries", but it gets this information from friends_opt_items, not lastn_opt_items which causes problems if you show 5 recent entries but 30 friends entries.

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This is an e-mail I got from the webmaster of a comic site, he's been trying to integrate his forms so his client's posts not only go to his website, but to his LiveJournal as well. He's looked at Piman's LJ::Client module, but was confused about some of the livejournal specific elements. Instead of trying to confuse the poor guy even more or just sending him to the protocol reference, I figured I could ask all the 'experts' here.

Anyways, here's the brunt of his message, if you could keep all advice related to this post in this post that would be very helpful, as I'm probably going to refer him to it.

So far Ive managed to download and install the LJ::Client module and got it
posting to my account without any major problems. Thing is though to use it
for comics I need to be able to edit existing posts, but I cant quite figure
out the code to do this.

From the documentation I found the "edit_journal_entry" function, which is
what I need, but the variables it requires Im not so sure about. Would you
be able to explain the variables ($itemid, $event, $subject, $props,
$usejournal, $security) in more depth, like what they are, and examples of
what they might be ?

The only one Im sure of is the $itemid which I assume relates to the entry
in LiveJournal, but even that I dont know where you get the actual itemid
from. It dosnt seem to be embedded in the webpages of LiveJournal, or within
the Windows client program.

Anyway, any assistance you could give would be most appreciated, or if you
think someone else might be able to help me better please let me know.


Thanks all.