April 14th, 2001

  • jnala

#lj_dev, anyone?

I'd like to hang out and be able to chat with other people working on LJ stuff, but #livejournal is pretty noisy, and there doesn't seem to be much overlap in discussion between developers and non-developers. Maybe a #lj_dev channel would be a good thing?

I'll be on #lj_dev on irc.openprojects.net if anyone agrees. :-)
  • cryo

instant messaging

I know some of you guys are working on text messaging over cellphones and such devices, but is anyone working on or interested in working on client extensions that would do client to server to client messaging?

Networkable KVM?

Anybody know of a good KVM switch I could log into remotely that costs less than $10,000 like this one?

I suppose I don't need to log into the servers often enough to warrant one of these things (definitely not at $10,000) but if there are cheap ones that work, that'd be cool.

I don't even need access to graphics remotely (no X, no Windows) .... so perhaps KVM is overkill. I wonder if a serial console solution would work. The BIOS has to support that, right? The Dell machines likely do, but I'm not sure if the ASL machines would.

Just thinking aloud. Feel free to jump in if you know anything on this topic. (I imagine many of you do....)
The Keeper has Awaken
  • ltning

Protocol questions..

Hi folks,

I'm trying to do some work on my OS/2 LJ client, but I keep bumping into things that I think are limitations in the communications protocol.. Correct me if I'm wrong, but:

- shouldn't it be possible to download journal entries form other users, by using the "usejournal" key with the username of the friend?

- shouldn't it atleast "ignore" it if i put my own username in this field?

When I do this, I keep getting a error message "You do not have access to post to this journal.". Point is - I'm not trying to post, only to read..

Am I doing something wrong, is it a bug in the protocol/server, or is it simply working "as designed"?

Any help would be appreciated.. :)

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