April 2nd, 2001

aspell bug -- progress!

I found the bug in aspell, thanks to dormando's help setting up the trap to find a bad entry...

Make a file lock_aspell and put in it this:

I miss my boyfriend. Like, my real boyfriend. What the fuck happened? I wish I didn't read so far into things, but I can't help it. Saturday was just plain unexplainable, but I am having this uncontrollable urge to push Judy down a flight of stairs. I'm being very jelous female in this situaion, and I hate it, but it's just the way I'm being. I can't help that. I get all weird when it comes to Curtis. I really like this kid. It's weird. I don't know how to react to half of these situations because my emotions are so blinding. I don't know what to do...help?

Love Always
Alisha <3

Then, have fun with:

$ aspell pipe -H < lock_aspell

See it freeze? The -H (html mode) is what's causing it.... it's parsing the heart (<3) as the beginning of an HTML tag which doesn't close. But for some reason, all that other text is required.

I mailed the aspell maintainer, but if you are a C++ guru, go try and fix it.... the bug is in aspell-0.32.6/filter/sgml-t.hh I believe.

Text messaging

We really need somebody to maintain the text messaging code. I just don't have time, but I get a couple emails per day about new services that need to be added (trivial, but time consuming) or services that need to be updated.

Anybody volunteer? Puhhleese? I thought text messaging was one of the coolest features, but it's kinda started to die, like the topics system. :-/

One user, cyka, bought a paid account (from Russia, no less) just for text messaging, but we don't even support her service. (but we could... easily.)