March 30th, 2001

  • ender

Livejournal Test Server

Hey all, this is a kind of long entry, so bear with me.

I'm currently setting up the server at the moment, and it should be around by the end of the weekend. Here's what I have planned:

The server is currently a PIII-800... but this is a loaner, and if
they ever ask for it back, it'll go back.. and I'll put the harddrive in a
spare P100. Hopefully I can collect enough money together to build a whole new complete box, I only need $500 or so (donations anyone? :)

Accounts will be verified automatically, but created manually.
Usernames will be consistant between the dev server and the production server, all users on the development server must have a livejournal account and be a member of lj-dev. Shell access -will- be provided.

The development server will be a part of Livejournal. Thus, any
hacking, attempts at hacking, or installation of 'bad software' (Bouncer, irc bots, port scanners, etc) will result in the suspension of your Livejournal account along with your development account.

No files will be edited manually. Everything must be edited with RCS. If this scares you, don't panic :) It just means that using 'pico', 'vi', or whatever your favorite editor is will also ask you for a comment to explain why your editing the file. This will then record WHO edited the file, what they edited, and why. If, at any time, someone totally screws a file up they can use another command to 'revert' to the previous version.

Apache will be modified, so that internal server error messages
will include DETAILED information, along with the name and comment of the user who last edited the file that gave the error. This will make debugging a hell of a lot easier :)


more fun with aspell lockups:

[root@stan postfix]$ ps auwx | grep aspell
lj 13539 29.1 1.7 9704 8944 ?? RN 1:47PM 5:25.10 /usr/local/bin/aspell pipe -H --sug-mode=fast --ignore-case
lj 13756 27.6 1.7 9704 8680 ?? RN 1:53PM 3:40.58 /usr/local/bin/aspell pipe -H --sug-mode=fast --ignore-case
lj 13582 25.6 1.7 9704 8908 ?? RN 1:48PM 4:48.33 /usr/local/bin/aspell pipe -H --sug-mode=fast --ignore-case
lj 13494 23.0 1.7 9704 8908 ?? RN 1:46PM 6:07.33 /usr/local/bin/aspell pipe -H --sug-mode=fast --ignore-case

13582 lj 66 2 9704K 8888K RUN 0 4:52 28.42% 28.42% aspell
13539 lj 66 2 9704K 8800K RUN 0 5:28 25.54% 25.54% aspell
13756 lj 68 2 9704K 8696K RUN 1 3:43 25.00% 25.00% aspell
14130 lj 2 2 10612K 10272K sbwait 0 0:14 23.47% 22.36% perl
13494 lj 66 2 9444K 8748K RUN 0 6:10 21.24% 21.24% aspell
14136 lj 66 2 10368K 9964K RUN 0 0:13 21.99% 20.65% perl
14138 lj 66 2 10872K 10532K CPU0 0 0:09 22.47% 19.73% perl
  • ejinoz

Proxy Access Requires Username/Password

I posted this in "Ask a question..." and got referred here, so here goes:

I have a small problem. I can only access the internet through a proxy that requires a username and password when you access it (even for HTTP / Port 80 requests). When I run the client, and try to logon, it sits there trying to connect. I believe the proxy server is waiting for a username and password to be inputted, but since LiveJournal doesn't have the option to do that, it just sits there not connecting. I have VERY VERY VERY basic C knowledge, so I downloaded the source to see if there was possibly a simple fix. I found the spot that I believe is where it accesses the server (I am looking in LJRequest.cpp) I checked out the MSDN library for the context for the GetHttpConnection function, and modified the following lines:

c = m_connection->GetHttpConnection("", NULL, INTERNET_PORT(3128), "MYUSERNAMEHERE", "MYPASSWORDHERE");
f = c->OpenRequest(CHttpConnection::HTTP_VERB_POST,"",NULL,1,NULL,"HTTP/1.0",INTERNET_FLAG_RELOAD); is the appropriate server, and 3128 is the proper port. (That's how the HTTP proxy is setup in IE).. When compiled (which is successful) and run, the client once again sits there trying to contact the server. The program isn't frozen (I can click "Cancel" just like normal) Can anybody help me out on proper context here? I have a SOCKS program called SocksCap that takes programs that don't have settings for proxy servers and ports their ports through the SOCKS server. (i.e. if I have a program, that I run under sockscap, that connects to a port (like 6667 ;>) then it will connect to the SOCKS server and talk to port 6667 outside the firewall) The reason I say this is.. is there (or can one be easily opened) any non-standard ports (non 80,21,23 would be good ;>) that I can setup the client to connect to (that link to port 80).. that way I can run the client under SocksCap and SocksCap will handle the username/password stuff. I have tried the client under SocksCap, and it didn't work (as expected) since SocksCap won't interfere w/ port 80 requests. Any help would be appreciated, and if you need any further information.. please let me know. Thanks!

p.s. Reason I don't want to continuely use the webform is that they charge for downloading stuff (yuck).. plus I like the automatic song detection ;>