March 27th, 2001

  • stipe

Java Client beta release

I'm reasonably happy with the state of my Java LJ Client and wouldn't mind if people started bashing at it to see if it breaks or whatever. You can download both the class files and the source (which isn't particularly nice to look at at the moment) from here.

Please have a look at the info on the webpage, as well as the readme.txt file that comes in the jar file.

I'm heading to Europe for two weeks this Thursday, so I won't be doing any/many bug fixes before then. I'd like to publicly release the client shortly after I get back though, depending on the response. There's a link to send bug reports/suggestions at the bottom of the page given above.
  • stipe

(no subject)

Oh... and something seems to be up with the posts I've made tonight (using the Windows Client, so I know they're not my bugs). Made a post to my own journal that doesn't show up under "Recent Entries", but if I go to the calendar view, it shows up on Tuesday March 27th, 2001 and I can view it.

My last post to lj_dev (and likely this post as well) hasn't showed up either, but show up similarly on the calendar view. Anyone know what the deal is?

hintlastnview problems

Items were being inserted into the database last night, but the hintlastnview table was screwed (index space full) so new items weren't showing up anywhere.

Fixed it by:

mysql> OPTIMIZE TABLE hintlastnview;
mysql> REPLACE INTO hintlastnview (userid, itemid) SELECT ownerid, itemid FROM log WHERE year=2001 AND month=3 and day>=26;

It's down to 2/3rds index space capacity now, but I'm going to have to watch it. That limit should really be higher. I'll have to do more reading on the topic.

all posts now show up again, assuming the year/month/date was set correctly on them.

MySQL support

Sherm recently pointed out that extended email support contracts from MySQL are only $890 per year. This used to seem high, but lately LiveJournal's making enough money and having so many users, this is probably a very good deal.

I have questions about MySQL daily and having a fast knowledgable place to ask questions would kick ass.

So, I'm wondering ---- anybody else have good/bad experiences with MySQL's support contracts? I can't imagine they're not good.... Monty has sent me patches to two bugs I've reported in the past within hours, and that was as a free user.

Anybody think we should definitely do this or definitely not do this?

ah yea'

LiveJournal's frickin' flyin' right now.... got kyle and stan doing all fastcgi stuff (including BML) , have kenny doing all userpic and image stuff, and have cartman's tables nice and balanced.... things be very fast.

... now if only my DSL connection was reliable. Everytime my connectivity farts I think LJ has a problem and freak out, but no... just stupid DSL.
  • evan

Win32 Client

I forget that some people don't read my journal. :P

I've been writing a Win32 client. It'll be finished if it continues being interesting to write; I'm currently having some difficulties thinking of the proper way to handle the subject and metadata. (I'd like an interface like LoserJabber's, but more appropriate to Windows metaphors.)

Here are some fun features I've planned to add. Feel free to request others in a comment.
- Journal export (backup) to TXT or XML.
- Preview of posts (using embedded IE, probably).
- LJUpdate-style friends list monitoring.
- Smaller, better, faster, more, etc.

I'll release a beta as soon as it's usable.

RMA / New Server?!

Looks like we have to RMA the other webserver soon in order to upgrade the MB to something less wonky. The problem being that we would have to send the server back to ASL, losing its functionality for 1-2 weeks.

The site has been doing ok without a second webserver, but we would lose all redundancy and could potentially max out the server under extreme conditions. It's also worth noting that two weeks can bring on an extra 10000 users the way we've been growing.

The option to this is that we order a new webserver now, which would probably be shipped and installed in about 10 working days, and remove the other server at the same time and RMA it. This would cost us about 3-7 days of income, but will guarantee that we don't lose all redundancy (i.e. potential for catostrophic site failure) or risk unforseen bottlenecks.

I guess there is a third option... that we don't RMA the webserver. Do we need a new MB? Dunno. The server has been a champ so far, but ASL doesn't recommend using it for what it's doing. (which is kind of odd, seeing it's supposed to be a web server and all...)

Thoughts? Suggestions? Your opinion?!