March 20th, 2001


Server slowness...

Yo all.

In case you were referred here by the error messages I have heard about today, or were just wondering about the slowness, here's what's up:

We upgraded the database server, so that's going nice and fast (and isn't even using the other half of its upgrades yet), but now the webservers are the slowing down. We were hoping to have a webserver that failed on us a long time ago (not our fault...) back up and running on monday, but it didn't arrive.

The webserver should, however, arrive this week, and when Brad gets back from his vacation, it will be set up, and should relieve most of the slowness for a while. I estimate this will happen around friday or saturday.

Don't worry, this isn't a horrendous issue, we should not be dealing with this now, but everyone knows the issue with that webserver. We're finally getting to the point where we're completely ahead of the user load, so slowness and errors will become a rare incident.

In case anyone would care to budget their time a little bit, peak usage hours go between 3pm (est) and midnight (est), if you could budget your usage around this, you won't see any errors.

have fun,

Update to slowness.

Things should be speeding up a ton now. Earlier there was a lot of stress, but I somehow missed a broken aspell process. When I got back tonight, there were two rogue aspell processes on kenny, and one on kyle. Killing them to have brought the site back.

Sorry about all of the slowness, looks like aspell becomes a bastard during the insane load periods.
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Livejournal INSTALL, Release Canadate 1

This is what I am assuming to be the penultimate install instructions for Livejournal..

To the best of my knowledge, EVERYTHING works with this set of instructions (except for directory.sbml... martmart, even with the sbml associsation, the sbml processor complains about being unable to handle non-bml requests... for the demo :)

Can someone with access to LJ ftp this to a directory on the main website? is my laptop, and I'd kind of like to be able to unplug it from the network and use it AS a laptop instead of leaving it on for people to leach the INSTALL file from :)

Anyway, final comments or corrections anyone?

Install RC1 download