March 16th, 2001

bad ass

Yay for new memory .... check this shit out:

See the interruption at the right? That's us doing the upgrade. Look after that.... the load average is like 0.5 to 0.7! Compare that to the previous days we've been graphing. Oh my.

We're not even using the 10,000 rpm disks yet, either.

Code review

Can everybody start sending me their comments on the LJ code?

I want to put up the source tomorrow publicly and setup the CVS and rsync server... I'd feel better releasing it if a few of you thought it was safe.

The only person that I know is reviewing it very thoroughly is dormando, but I really hope there are more of you. Dormando's doing a pretty careful job, but it'd still be nice to have more eyeballs.
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  • mart

S2 Progress?

It would be nice if S2 progress could be posted somewhere, so that those on the S2 team doing whatever they are doing know when they should be doing it, and in the case of people who will be making the funky new styles to be available at 'launch', as soon as the syntax is finalised if a quick spec could be released so that people can get started on that.

S2 is going to rock, and we need to make sure people know it rocks right from when it's implemented by having a nice selection of funky styles they can pick from. Someone could also write a one-time converter for S1 styles, firstly so punquin and 'default' can be transferred over and then perhaps other people can use it to convert their own S1 styles. Anyone fancy this job? (or has brad already done something about this?)

Call for discussion! :)