March 3rd, 2001

Misc stuff

I turned on the MySQL slow query log with the option to show all queries that weren't using indexes.... turns out it's pretty useless. The same 4 or 5 queries get printed over and over again, all of which are hitting 5-10 row lookup tables and stuff. Or cases where there are 140 rows, but we need them all anyway, so we have no where clause, and it thinks that's bad since we're not using an index.

Damn .... I was hoping it'd find something stupid of mine that'd lead to a huge performance boost. Guess it is just the disks. :-/

I'm going to move one of most heavily written to table to another disk. (hintlastnview) .... Cartman has 4 drives.... 2 raid-1 sets. About time I used both.

Source! I was busy all week... didn't get to package it up, but I'll be doing that tomorrow and getting it out to people to start the code review. I'll give you two weeks, since a lot of you seemed to want that.