March 1st, 2001

Stan screwed, again.

So I don't have to repeat myself:

Chris, Lisa,

I replaced Stan's memory yesterday with the new memory ASL sent out, but the server's locking up again.

I believe I left the memory test boot floppy in the drive on lj-stan. If either of you have time, can you hook a monitor up to it, push the disk in, and reboot it?

Last time the error messages showed up after about an hour of the test.... I imagine a few possibilities:

1) bad big batch of memory... got unlucky twice, because they're from the same batch.

2) motherboard is screwed, somehow.

3) OS is fucked? But it's bit-for-bit identical to the kyle. Very unlikely.

I'm not sure what the memory test will tell us, but I have to run it before I bitch to ASL again.

If either of you have other ideas, let me know.

Sorry for the inconvenience....

- Brad

Stupid Stan.

Stan's new memory failed the memory test, again. ASL said they test all the memory they get (using the same program I'm using) and they haven't had a bad memory module in 5 months from their vendors. So, they suspect something else is wrong.

To confirm that, I'm going to swap the memory from my personal machine at home and the memory in stan and run the test again on each. If the memory doesn't fail at home, and/or my good memory fails in stan, I'll know something else is fucked.

What fun.

Next servers are coming from VA. :-)