February 28th, 2001


LJ_dev organization! Second try!

I spent about half an hour writing a huge rant about lj_dev and how it's working/not_working, but I'll take one for the team and pretend I never lost the entry. Also, I wonder if evan would write in some loserjabber feature that caches the latest five entries you made in a text file somewhere... That'd be neat :)

My brain's hopped up on threads and VMs, so bear with me...

I wrote out a huge list of what I thought people were doing (gee, I suck at pretending...) so... I see a lot of people doing a lot of things, helping with advice, clients, some sync stuff ... but, as Brad noted before with the lack of MyLJ work, and I'm not completely sure how everything relates to MyLJ besides the sync stuff. That's going painfully slowly, as well.

The TODO doesn't seem to get used enough, or correctly. I notice that people are slapping feature suggestions up, a few of those are being used seriously... and there have been more bugreports to lj_dev than progress reports. I assume this sucks.

I would like to somehow track or influence progress. At _least_ have a list of what people are working on, and their last progress report. I'd be willing keep this list from people checking in on lj_dev, so you precious little things won't have to go and update it yourselves.

I say this, because I feel guilty... When the MyLJ project started, it was a grabbag for the different clients. I saw a bunch of people claim their turf, and decided to let them go, and apparantly not enough of anything ever got done. I tend to either view this pathetically wrong, or just sit down when I see someone pick something up, even if they never do anything with it.

I only assume that things might be just as bad, or much worse once the livejournal source is released. If there isn't some sort of organization to this. I'll spare you guys the rant.

Is there a MyLJ design doc, proposal, or something somewhere for reference? I can't recall...

So yeah, yell at me if you want, I'm tired of typing..
  • cryo

sort order

It's not registering... I tried to make sense of the documentation, but the implementation isn't hitting
any clue lights.

"If efg_set_groupnum_name is sent, this field should be sent to indicate the sorting order of
this group. The value must be in the range of 0-255. The default is 50."

I'm not even sure how this is used to weigh the sorting. It would seem to me that the sorting order
should be 1- numGroups, and when creating, just create it at the numGroups+1 and let the user
drag it (which should change the sort order of all of the groups > than where the dragged one landed.
How it looks with the test account didn't spark a clue for me either.

Why 50?


MySQL goodies.


I have another project which is going to make extensive use of a database (and hey, why not MySQL?) - So I'm going to be researching just about everything I can about it, trying out random things, etc... For the purpose of helping livejournal, and for this other project. Uh, but first:

I'm stupid, and can't remember where brad detailed the database schema. I'd like this, yes I would :) Anyone know? :P

Since there are a lot of people here, I was wondering if anyone had any offhanded tips and tricks about MySQL, or any very good reading outside of the docs on the official site... That'd be neat as well.

Off I go...