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February 25th, 2001

cookie crumbs [Feb. 25th, 2001|02:06 am]
LiveJournal Development


I suppose you realize that the login cookie thing is completely broken right now right? (netscape 4.7 on Linux and Win98)
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Finger support! [Feb. 25th, 2001|04:17 am]
LiveJournal Development


I noticed that Debian had come with a finger daemon preinstalled and running and that got me reminiscing of the good ol' days back when people actually used finger still. Who uses it nowadays? Those web gateways on game sites that check John Carmack's latest news?

Well, now LiveJournal has finger support! (I refuse to put up a link to a web/finger gateway.... anybody that would find this cool already has finger right in front of them)

Check it out.... it's not done yet, but it was a quick and easy hack. A little perl, a little DBI, reading the 1 page spec for the finger "protocol" ....

I'll finish it sometime. But now I should sleep.

Newbie socket programming question --- when I'm working on it I often kill it (Control-C), and then restart it... sometimes it works, but sometimes it says "Address already in use at ..." , and the location the bind call is at. I have a $SIG{'INT'} handler that closes the socket handles... what else do I have to do to tell the operating system I'm done using that port? I hate waiting for it to time out.... gets annoying.
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when going to read comments: [Feb. 25th, 2001|11:46 am]
LiveJournal Development
You shouldn't be seeing this message too often, but unfortunately you are now. Why?
The problem is likely:

* Temporary error/misconfiguration. (usually at night, when we're upgrading things, or changing things around)
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Weird hyphenation... [Feb. 25th, 2001|09:15 pm]
LiveJournal Development


[music |03 - The extinction agenda]

Check out the 2/25, 9:07pm entry in my journal. That hyphen is not there when I go back and try to edit the entry.
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Holy Crap... [Feb. 25th, 2001|11:20 pm]
LiveJournal Development


LiveJournal got mentioned on MSNBC and linked on Slashdot!
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