February 17th, 2001

S2: progress!

I've written the front-end and most the tokenizer of the S2 compiler. Programming is the easy part... most my time today was getting all the tools installed, downloading the documentation, learning jmk, etc...

I'll start releasing what I have so far in a couple of days. All the code will be available under the GPL.

I'm going to be writing two backends: Perl (LiveJournal specific, likely) tand HTML (for pretty-printing). Once I get those mostly functional, I'd like to get some ASP, PHP, and Servlet backends started. The interface between the backends is perfectly clean (I love Java. :-)) so it should be pretty easy.

I'll be javadoc'ing my code, and maintaining an EBNF of the S2 grammar, both of which I'll make available in a few days.

Damn it feels good to stop doing sysadmin stuff. :-) I seriously need to find somebody to take over that job for me.... I don't enjoy it at all.
  • cryo

MD5 format

I've been trying to get MD5 working, and what I get out of the encoder for 'test' is:

<098f6bcd 4621d373 cade4e83 2627b4f6 >

exactly like that, with the brackets and spaces. Is this correct, or is it supposed to be bunched together into
a 32byte string? If this IS correct, am I supposed to run the URL encode on it? All of these ways failed,
except for making a 32byte string which I haven't tried yet. Any clues?
  • tmtl

"Interesting" thing

Looking at stats and saw some weirdass username. the actual LJ account name is 'purgenetik', if you visit their journal, they use the char codes to make their non-English name display. But it doesn't work, in my browser at least

I have the odd feeling none of this is making sense. I hope if you view their journal, then you may have a clue about what I mean

Is this because LJ doesn't really support intrenationalisation and the like, or does the style system not support char codes?

Damnit, I've confused myself