February 16th, 2001

So close!

Snowball fight cleared my head. Came back and did a ton of reading and work. I thought everything was working, spreading the load between the 3 servers, but some weird crap's been happening now. The URL parameters are sometimes not visible to the actual machine you hit.... Have to debug. bleh. might sleep and do it tomorrow.

Did upgrade MySQL though.... this version is supposed to bring the query that makes mysql segfault and show a backtrace.... so now we can turn the directory back on, watch how exactly MySQL dies, and get them to fix it.

... always working around other people's bugs. *sigh*

ah yea'

wrote a bunch of neat code to work around mod_backhand's bug, and i think we're set... also fixed a bunch of signal handling bugs i found from earlier... fixing those involved writing some ugly ass code, which i enjoyed... the signal problem was basically that if you get a SIGTERM, you don't always want to die immediately, else some user could see an error message... you want to always know if you're in a waiting state when the signal handler gets called, or in a serving state... so setting those state flags was interesting, because there were so many different code paths. instead of turning the flag off before every way to get back to the while loop, i changed the while accept loop to look like:

while ((($SERVING=0)||1) && $CONTINUE && FCGI::accept() > 0) {

with the signal handler being:

$SIG{'TERM'} = sub {
if ($SERVING) { $CONTINUE = 0; } else { exit 0; }

It's not beautiful, but it works finally, and it's late, and I'm happy.

So yeah... the backhand stuff is all working now. you can look at its status page here, or the apache status page here.


forgot one thing..... didn't have mail relaying setup. do now. kyle and stan are just relaying all their mail to kenny now.

now i sleep.


all was well with backhand, but then stan died (ugh.... so soon?) and then later the other two went red.... they're no longer talking to each other, but they're up.

hmmmmm.... restarting kyle got backhand back up and working. but why'd it die in the first place? :-/

backhand and stan death

lj-stan keeps dying... physically. bad hardware? dunno. might have to go down there and look at it.

think i figured out my mod_backhand keeps going red on all the servers... the process id that the logs show as the backhand manager or whatever is just one of the httpd processes, it looks like, and after that child dies (with MaxRequests set to non-zero), then backhanded servers can't talk to each other... MaxRequests's default is 0, so maybe people hadn't noticed this. i forget why i had it non-zero anyway.... left over from a long time ago... copied freevote's httpd.conf when i started, i think. anyway, i'll see if that does the trick.

Dead stan.

Stan's officially dead. We've rebooted it three times now but the damn thing just keeps locking up. Nothing in the logs or on the console when we plug a monitor into it suggests why it keep dying. The software and hardware are identical on kyle and stan, but kyle's serving requests like a champ, helping kenny out.

I guess I'll call and complain to ASLabs on Monday and see if they can rush us out a new one. Pretty pathetic that it died so early. :-(
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Showing 'hidden' people

Zadeh mentioned in #livejournal on opn about people showing up on the friends list listed on the userinfo when they want to remain invisible to the masses. It occurs to me that people who have specified that they don't want to appear in the search engine and directory should not show up in the lists of friends. I think it should do something like this:

Friends: 5: blky, karren, lilly, pyrraha, sar. (6 hidden)

This will allow people to have others on their friends list without making them overly visible to others. I agree with this, so I posted this here.

Any further thoughts? :)