February 15th, 2001

Random midnight idea.

Had this idea at midnight. Just to fore-warn you.

How about putting the music and mood options in the comments as well as just the picture? And including these options in the HTML email that gets sent out?
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Status Update

I'll be posting kyle & stan status updates all night, for those that are curious. If not, stop reading! :-P

Kyle and Stan are the two new webservers.

I wanted to get them up and running a few days ago, but I've been tired, busy, and unmotivated.

So far I:
  • wrote a tool to keep customized httpd.conf, /etc/hosts, /etc/resolv.conf, and other files updated on all the servers at all times.
  • setup mysql to allow connections from the new servers
  • got kyle and stan mirroring kenny, and processing web requests
Next I'm going to:
  • get mod_backhand working so they can actually help share the load
  • turn kenny into a miscellaneous server... instead of just doing web + images, it'll now do images + db mirror + mail + logging + whatever.
But first, I think I'm going to go make some food and watch TV. :-P
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Now Available - cclj 0.04

cclj is a Perl client.

"Yeah, as if we need yet ANOTHER Perl client." you might say.

But this one is different from other Perl clients. Instead of being a question-at-a-time client, like jlj, or a "quick post" client, like lj-perl, this one is full-screen-menu-based. It requires Perl 5.6.0, the Curses libraries and Perl module, and the LJ::Client module (available from http://www.sacredchao.net/lj-client/ .)

If you want to try it out, it supports all "posting an entry" options available in the graphical clients except for setting security by friend groups. Editing previous entries, friends, friends groups, or other options are not available yet (but hopefully soon will be!)

Feedback is welcomed, both positive and negative.

Be sure and follow the directions in the README file for installation.

It's available (now, I just checked) at ftp://ftp.livejournal.com/clients/cclj/cclj-0.04.tar.gz
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Status Update #2

kyle and stan are backhanding each other. few tricky things involved getting it working, and a lot of trial and error, but it's working now.

have to do some conditional logging when a request is backhanded, but that'll be easy.

rebuilding apache and mod_backhand on kenny now.

have to increase mysql's max_connections on cartman (at 100 now) because each server makes about 35 persistent connections, plus cron jobs. since i'll have to restart the server tonight anyway, i'm going to ugprade mysql to 3.23.33 while i'm at it.