February 14th, 2001

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Have you got any farther with GetEvents to allow users to "download" someone else's journal. I would think you could just use "usejournal" to allow it to download another user's journal. This would also help me to test my client because it's still bombing on certain peoples journals and I don't know why. It works on mine! :)
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Journal TTL

Is there any sort of Journal TTL currently? There are a LOT of journals out there that haven't been updated in several months. Maybe it would be a good idea to set a 3 month TTL on them, if they haven't been updated in that time period email the owner and let them know that they should either update the journal or it will be deleted. Free up the name space and keep LJ "alive" and not stagnant. Just an option.

"Webley Boxes" style.

Just an idea for the Webley Boxes. It would be kinda neat if the images for the "post comment" had an ALT tag -- "%%messageount%% comment%%mc-plural-s%%". Just so it's easier for people to see how many comments were made without needed to remember the colours.

Also, any news on the new style system? I'd love to read any docs about it.
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Java advice needed

I'm starting to write the S2 parser and compiler, and I intended to write them in Java.... the first backend will generate Perl code, and later we could have PHP, C++, servlet backends, etc..

Now, my question is--- what version of Java should I use? Most of my Java experience in the past was with 1.0.x, and later in 1.1.x. I've never written any Java2 stuff (1.2.x or 1.3.x) .

Linux and FreeBSD both seem to have beta, decent, and/or maintained ports of each of these JDKs, so all seem like a fine choice.

Which should I use? Going out to eat now..... I want to start programming when I get back. :-P

damn mail

postfix is acting up again, just when I thought I had its bitch ass under control.

getting a lot of messages in /var/log/messages saying:

postfix/smtp: fatal: open active QDF349374: No such file or directory
postfix/smtp: fatal: qmgr_active_defer: update active/QDF349374 time stamps: No such file or directory

goddamnit. more things to fix when i get home later.

text messaging

Any perl hacker feel like adding a ton of new text messaging providers to LJ::TextMessage? The Net::SMS for module does exactly what LJ::TextMessage is trying to do.... except their method is instead of the module knowing all the tricks on how to contact the provider, they route everything through their corporate website at www.simplewire.com and keep that code up to date..... very lame, if you ask me. You get a free GPL'ed module off of CPAN and then you can only use it so much, else you start getting charged.

So, I think we need to compete with them and get LJ::TextMessage updated with a ton of new providers. I've got a ton of email from people with details on how their provider works.... we just need somebody to keep the module up to date. Any takers?