February 8th, 2001

so confused

both of the new server's BIOS clocks are set at UTC time.
both of the their timezones are set for PST.
/etc/wall_cmos_clock doesn't exist on either machine.
sysctl machdep.wall_cmos_clock = 0 on both
everything seems consistent so far, right?

but one of them is 8 hours behind or so... thinking the BIOS clock is PST time.

update: i'm dumb. the second machine's BIOS clock wasn't set to UTC time. :-P


Brought the new servers to speakeasy and hooked 'em up.

Fun stuff: bought a switch, a power strip, labeled the machines with this fancy labeler thing, use some of those quick ties to get things all tight and pretty (like tieing the switch wall wart to the power strip, and the power strip to the rack)

The highlight was Evan and I counting to 3 and then quickly unplugging the cross-over cable from between kenny and cartman and plugging in instead the cables to the switch. We now have, .2, .3, and .4! Hooray. Webserver didn't even notice... maybe dropped a few packets max.

System administration is getting to be more difficult now.

I'm going to write a bunch of tools to automate most the cumbersome parts now.

rsync works fine for most things, but a lot of config files on the machines have machine-specific stuff.

this'll be fun.
  • piman

LJ::Client 0.2.999

I've released LJ::Client 0.2.999. New features!
  • Editing events
  • Multiple users
  • Mood listing
  • Deleting events
  • checkfriends support (with a simple script to do it)
  • POD for some of it

I also borrowed the LoserJabber page layout for consistency; if Evan minds, I'll throw up something else.

Update: Forgot the link, thanks chrisg :)