February 7th, 2001

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  • revjim

php-lj in action...

I built a quick little hack to show some of the php-lj functionality.

Because it was a quick hack (about 2 mins of coding) there is a lot of things it does wrong. If you specify "no comments" on a post, it will still show comments links. If you tell it not to auto format the post, it still will. And if I post a private, friends only, or friends group post that you should not be allowed to read, it will show it to you anyway. These problems are not due to the livejournal protocol, or php-lj, but simply because I didn't bother to write the code to check for this kind of stuff yet.

Enjoy, and please let me know if you see any errors, problems, or security holes (other than the ones mentioned above).

Server buildin'

Working on setting up the new servers.

My plan is to get one fully setup, then rsync everything over --except '/etc/rc.conf' to the other machine, since they're identical in every respect.

So far I've installed bash, screen, w3m, wget, cvsup-bin, emacs, cvsupit, updated all the source, and am running make world now. I should've rebuilt the kernel first for SMP before I made the world. Whoops. Guess I'll study for my midterm or something while it goes.

damn that was cool

two things which i've said over and over again but will say again:

1) freebsd is so damn cool compared to linux. hell, compared to anything.

2) rsync totally owns. i setup stan, started rsync'ed / to kyle:/, came back, changed two lines in the rc.conf, fastboot, and now we have two servers at exactly the same point.... nice new 4.2-stable kernel, tons of fun toys...

oh, and the one i'll never get tired of praising:

3) screen rocks.