February 3rd, 2001

ProFTPd sucks.

After hours of fighting with it, I've determined that ProFTPd sucks hard core. It's buggy, unmaintained, and security-hole ridden.

I guess I'll now focus my attention on Net::FTPServer, which I can subclass and modify as needed.

I don't think there's a single good FTP server for Unix. I should stop working on LiveJournal for awhile and work on things like helping the ProFTPd people out.... who else is going to? But will I? Probably not. Everybody's too busy.


Update: Screw helping the ProFTPd people ... Net::FTPServer looks mad cool.
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Not to be outdone by piman,
I wrote some scripts to synchronize LinuxCare Kernel Traffic Kernel Cousin summary for Debian development.

The idea is that you can add kt_debian as a friend, and stay up-to-date with the latest summaries of Debian news.

I plan to eventually synchronize all of the summaries offered by LinuxCare. kt_linux is also up.

The script needs a bit more work before I release it, but at that time, I'll be looking for volunteers willing to maintain this system. :)

Please let me know what you think!
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Net::FTPServer !

Net::FTPServer is sooo damn cool.

Every single aspect of it is customizable by just subclassing the appropriate perl module.

So, we finally have an FTP server: ftp.livejournal.com

Developers can now upload new versions of their clients or whatever files you need to put up. Current people with access include: bradfitz, dystopia, evan, grahams, martmart, revjim, scottfreeman, visions

If you need access, let me know. I'll add anonymous access to all the downloads and code areas later.... Net::FTPServer is so fun to work with.

Currently uploads just go to your own chrooted directory, but in the future I'll make a way for you to copy things from your upload area into the main doc tree(s). (Plural because soon we'll have 2 web servers....)

Also, I plan to setup an SSH wrapper around it tomorrow or so. SSH won't be mandatory though, because in the future I plan to use this FTP server for a ton of different things (uploading user pictures, styles, etc..... downloading journals (?) ....) and not all users know/care about security. Maybe SSH will be required for uploading new clients, or I'll require they be accompanied by a PGP signature or something.

S2: Here we go.....

With all other major projects and worries behind me, I'm putting all my attention now back into S2. (S2 is the name of the in-development style system)

I'll be putting up a formal page with plans, docs, ebnf, references, tools, etc. shortly. But first, to whet your appetite: some notes. You can get an idea of my plans from those.

If you have any questions, ask. I'd like to think I've thought of everything, but I'm sure there are some things that I haven't planned for yet.