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February 2nd, 2001

SOAP interface [Feb. 2nd, 2001|12:16 am]
LiveJournal Development


I've always been interested in SOAP and XML-RPC. Does anybody want to write a SOAP wrapper around LiveJournal's protocol handler?

Great SOAP tutorial here.
LiveJournal's protocol handler here.

It should be pretty straight-forward, but since XML-RPC already escapes return values, and since the LJ protocol handler does already (URL escaping things that could be multi-line... like the "event" in "getevents"), then the wrapper would have to unescape the LiveJournal encoding first, then let SOAP::Lite re-encode it.

While you worked on this, you could make it work first proxying the requests to log.cgi.

This would be cool to have because I read somewhere that Mozilla has a JavaScript object that allows transparent access to SOAP .... so you could make a XUL application that accessed LiveJounal resources as if they were in the scope of the document.

That'd be neat.
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MySQL crashing [Feb. 2nd, 2001|03:48 pm]
LiveJournal Development


mysqld has been crashing a bunch lately so I'm rebuilding it with debug info and running it with --core so monty and gang can fix it.

the db may be slower for a few hours until it crashes and I collect the core file, but it's better to have a slow db for awhile in hopes that it'll get fixed soon (monty's fixed 2 or 3 bugs for me in the past, all within 24 hours) than to have a fast db that crashes all the time.
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Is it just me or... [Feb. 2nd, 2001|06:12 pm]
LiveJournal Development


Is it just me or does it work like that?

* Go to someone's LJ page
* Click on the Reply link
* You should see the user picture on the top, i.e. "Tony says... @ 2001-02-02.. etc" When you hoover your mouse pointer over "Tony", it should show my LJ URL. But in this case, it doesn't work like that. It's showing the URL of the person's message I'm replying to.

Did I find something that you never knew?
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