February 1st, 2001

LiveJournal Styles

I am not sure what went wrong with the old "Tabular Indent" style - indeed I can replicate the error when choosing the style on the server, but not when I choose the style on my account. I've certainly not changed it after submission. Odd.

Anyway, here's a list of working styles that can be made public if so wished. I've tested them out on random journals, and all seems well. Feel free to report errors or modifications you'd like to see.

Here are the IDs...
9959 Calendar
9961 Day
9953 Friends
9782 Lastn

10840 Calendar
10841 Day
10838 Friends
10833 Lastn

11798 Calendar
11797 Day
11795 Friends
11792 Lastn

Just in case, use this URL to preview them: http://www.livejournal.com/customview.cgi?username=USERNAME&styleid=STYLEID
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Headline syndication

Okay, I said I was going to do this right as I got home, so I did.

This is currently being updated every hour, by a script that can very easily be adapted to any RDF-using site. I'm aware of the repeat entries, that was due to my testing it twice to get the bugs out :) Also, it's going to turn off comments as soon as LJ::Client supports it.

Is there anyone interested in running a bunch of these scripts (or, I could easily integrate various RDF-using sites into one script)? Could/would it be better for LJ to run them locally?

If Advogato updates within the next hour, I'll be able to make sure this works.

BML update

I've finished most the little speed enhancements for LiveJournal .... one of the coolest ones I've yet to do. (I have 5-10 minutes until Blythe comes over... maybe I'll still get it done!)

Anyway, the new code is live now .... it seems faster for me (noticeable on 'static' pages the most... like / and /site/about.bml and stuff). But maybe it just seems faster because I know it's faster. I dunno.

Stuff that's changed:
  • Config is file is only read and parsed once between requests.
  • Template files are only read and parsed once between requests
  • Optional bmlp.cfg directive lets you control whether config file and template files are stat'ed and re-read if they have been modified since the last request, but I have that off for now. Instead, you can HUP the process to make it re-read its files.
  • BML parser was rewritten (as I said yesterday). It's a lot faster. Less code, too, and it's easy to read now.
What I want to do now is provide hints in the template file on blocks to let BML know that expanded blocks don't have to be expanded again, which is a big performance win on pages like /interests.bml?int=sex with a few thousand LJUSER blocks.

Update: yeah, i broke it for a second. it's working now.

BML: done?

Done with BML optimizations for now. I still have to document stuff and package it up. I want to make BML into a library and make different wrappers for normal CGI, FastCGI, mod_perl, etc...