January 22nd, 2001

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I know I already posted this in a reply of someone's message but I thought I'd post it here, so you could comment on this too.


1) In LJ client (Win32), View > Options - you should add a checkbox feature, where you can add/remove the auto-load of LJ. Saves my time diving into the Start menu to delete it...

2) Under the View menu, I see two different type - Mini Mode and Journal Mode. How about adding another one, maybe something like "Full Journal", where you will have a subject line, the message body and the Post Option on the bottom, after the message body. I found that I was being lazy and I couldn't be bothered to click on the "Posting Option" button to change the mood settings and other things.

I'll add more if I can think of any more.

Any comments/suggestions are welcome for this wishlist above.

Another one... when you reply to someone's message, there's no way for you to edit it. How about adding a feature, where one can edit their replies? I often replies to someone's message, only to find that I made a typo or something. To fix it, I either have to delete it and re-post another message or live with it.

MyLJ: ljsync-0.1

The server totally supports syncronization now. There's a new getevents selecttype of "syncitems" which returns some of the newest "L-" items that the "syncitems" mode returns. Both the "getevents" mode w/ syncitems selecttype and the "syncitems" mode take an optional "lastsync" date parameter. This all needs to be documented --- I'll try and do it tomorrow.

However, for now here's a working prototype sync client: ljsync-0.1.pl

It currently has no storage abstraction, is extremely verbose in its output, and could probably be cleaned up a helluva lot ... but it works.

This should give people something to work off of.

One thing it needs to do is maintain some indexes (even if they're text based), so another application can somewhat-quickly find all journal entries on a given day, or count how many journal entries are on each day... currently a PHP interface or whatever would need to open and read each file. (for simplicity, each journal entry is stored in a separate file ... that may or may not be the final text-based file format)

Give it a try.

Update: piman is going to hack on it and clean it up.
  • mart

LJ FunkyURLs

After the discussion in this thread which started off about 'Handy-Dandy Markup' I've knocked together a rudimentary LJ FunkyURL parser. It still needs work, and there's a lot of extra stuff in there just to make it work nicely as an independant CGI script.

  • It needs to be able to see the database to work out which userpic to use for the lj://userpic/... URLs. There's a placeholder pic in there for now.
  • I remembered afterwards I forgot about lj://talk/1354250 stuff, for talkread URLs. That'd take five seconds to add, but since I've already uploaded it I can't really be bothered! :)
  • The code needs tidying. It's all over the place, and there aren't very many comments. I hope people can work out what's going on in there. It also could to with being put in a sub itself, really.
  • It's, for now, using the ReadParse sub from cgi-lib.pl to parse the form data. That is by no means how I intend it to stay! :)

You can see it actually working, along with the test input I was using, and then when you've done playing (or even before, if you like!) there's also the source code itself.

And how!

LJ vs. My Mom

I read earlier about trying to make LJ friendlier to new users, so to see just how friendly it is I had my mother create an account. I loaded livejournal.com into IE and I instructed her to create an account, post a message, and try to read somebody else's journal, and if she really got stuck to ask me for help. Well she didn't have to ask once.. And she was able to post a test message and view a random persons' journal. She still occasionally calls the computer the 'hard drive', so I think if she can figure it out, there's hope for the very large majority of users out there.