January 15th, 2001


So, we're finally going to start using the lj_dev journal for discussing development-related things. Those lj_biz can talk all day about what LiveJournal should be like in the future, but somebody's got to program it... that's us.

If you want to join this community, email me and I'll add you to the access list.

New Servers

We have a surplus of money in the LiveJournal bank account from people buying paid accounts, so we're going to some more servers. Yes, I know we just bought two, but we're going to be proactive from now on, upgrading the hardware before there's a problem.

Revjim is tasked with the job of picking them out. Daniel --- why don't you start discussing here what you're finding out and what your current thoughts are.

(is it obvious I'm trying to jump-start conversation here?)

Project: DocBook

Here's an open project I've had on my wish-list for ages: I want to start using DocBook for all LiveJournal documentation.

Does anybody have experience with using this? It looks to be exactly what I want, and I started writing some DocBook-compliant SGML documentation, but I don't know:

-- whether we should use the XML or SGML DocBook spec
-- what version of DocBook we should use (the GNOME people use DocBook 3.x, not the new 4.x)
-- what tools I need to convert our documentation into different formats

Does anybody want to look into this?
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(no subject)

Hey all... Brad put out the word to get some developers in here, so here I am. I have some skills with Perl, PHP, SQL, Linux etc. I'd like to see what we could do with PHP on this site, I think it could speed up a lot of development, and is a really powerful platform. I'm open and willing to work on whatever needs worked on. We should get working on some documentation for this place.
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(no subject)

Hey what's the status of running MRTG/RRDtool on LiveJournal? The other thing I was think we could do would be to setup Netsaint to monitor the servers. If we get SNMP running we could monitor ALL aspects of how LJ runs. Some custom PERL scripts and you could get MRTG graphing "post per minutes" or "page views per minute" or something like that.

My introduction..

I might not be as experienced as some of the others in this group, but I know IIS/MSSQL/ASP pretty well.. I also know a little PHP and Perl. Another skill I have is in design in general (web/print/etc.). My main expertise is in Windows-based stuff, but I do know my way around *nix/*bsd. Anyhow, I guess that covers it.
And how!

Mah biscuits isa burnin'!

Okay, so the subject doesn't have anything to do with this post.. just thought I'd have something different than "Introduction", and Yosemite Sam was the first thing that came to mind.

By day I do part time tech support <slight shudder>, mixed in with whatever Scott and I (We work together) can come up with having to do with the servers/network/coding/reader boards/etc. By night I do web development for a firm based in Utah. My latest project was developing a shopping cart based on PHP/MySQL. It was pretty fun. Only took a few days.

Here's my list o' things I know off the top of my head:
PHP, Perl, MySQL, JS, HTML, design, a bit of C/C++, Linux, swearing at Linux, networking.. Those are the things that I can think of that would be applicable to LJ somehow.

What I would like to do:
Anything. I think LJ is really cool and I want to give back to it, and I love learning new things. I believe that I could accomplish both by lending a helping hand, I just need general ideas laid out for me to see the current state of things.

So, yeah. Hope I can contribute and offer useful ideas.
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(no subject)

This almost seems like a lj_dev hazing listing our skills. Here goes.

I work full-time as a MS poster boy as a technical architect and sr nt admin. Mostly in large document management systems and in shopping cart systems. But once the sun goes down and the moon comes up I don my big penguin suit.

C++ / VB / PHP / ASP(vbscript) / JavaScript / SQL / HTML / Apache / MySql / Linux / NT / Solaris to name a few of the populars I'm familiar with.

I think the talent pool here is already kick ass. Evan, Brad, and Visions would all be people that I would want on my team anyday.
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BTW, we're talking about the new servers in this thread

Using LJ communities as a substitute for mailing lists still kinda sucks, because you can't easily get informed when something happens in a post that you didn't start.

One thing I've started working on recently is the ability to subscribe to just about anything on LiveJournal .... entire journals, individual posts, threads, birthday notifications, whatever.... once that's done you can just subscribe to lj_dev and get everything mailed to you.