ravi (ravinald) wrote in lj_dev,

distributed requests

i'm not sure what your setup is and i'm not really going to dredge through the dev archive so i'll just toss it up for comment.

distribute http requests geographicaly on high speed networks where available. you'll still have a centralize database server which, i know, can be a problem if everything isn't on net. you can do this most simply with just DNS round robining, and of course there are more complex and expensive ways of going about it. if need be, you could batch the postings to the database in a batch in some sane time that can be adjusted based on time of day. you could offset the batches so that one "front" server as not to overload the database.

i realize that the problem have been attributed to a code bug, but i figured that this could alleviate some congestion.

also, anyone want to hire a dot bomb refugee? here is my shameless plug and a link to my resume :) sorry, times are getting tough.


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