Sema (sema) wrote in lj_dev,

New client for windows

I'd like to announce new unofficial windows client.
It's based on the official one and has the following enhancements/differences:

  1. Main window interface use control bars
  2. Draft of the entry with autosave and autoload options
  3. Some new shortcuts (list of all shortcuts on F1)
  4. Default friend’s colors
  5. Ability to make link open in new window and set alignment for pictures
  6. And some other small enhancements and fixes...

The only disadvantage of the new client is a lack of spellchecker the official client has (it's not free, visions has license). Instead, this client use MS Word's spellchecker (and thus can check spelling in another languages if appropriate version of Word is installed on the computer), but that trick has some problems.

Note that this client won't in any way conflict or intersect with the official one, you can run them simultaneously.

So, here you can get .exe and
here is the source (you'll have to rename new_lj_eng.rc file to new_lj.rc to build the version with English interface).

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