Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Okay, there's now a very very rough draft of a core.s2 in src/s2/layers, as well as a dummy test.s2 you can use to learn/test syntax. Note that the core.s2 there now has each Entry object dump itself out. Evan and I talked about and we decided it's a much better idea to have the page dump itself out. Also, don't try to make properties too flexible... see how I did the comment link properties in the existing core.s2. Use properties to cover the 90% cases... for the 10% hard-core people, they can override the necessary functions, but most people will want to configure their styles with wizards.

I also added some new & updated documentation, as well as a whole bunch of fixes.

The next thing I'll be putting up is a runner ... I have a bunch of ugly ones. I just need to strip one down and put it up. Then you can populate a data structure and test out your layers on it.

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