Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

S2 in CVS

I've been joking for a few weeks that if my laptop got stolen, all of S2 would be gone.

I just finished another big chunk of S2 stuff and went inside, leaving my laptop out on the deck. I suddenly got scared that somebody was going to come and steal it and I'd have to rewrite that last chunk. Then I realized... "shit, I'd have to rewrite a lot of stuff." (the last backup I did to my desktop machine at home was ages ago.)

So anyway, it's in CVS now. I don't expect any of you to make sense of it, build it, or use it, but it's there. In the 'src/s2/doc/' directory there are some things you can read but I can't guarantee they're up to date. evan, martmart, and I are probably the only ones that know the details of S2 right now, but that'll change when I finish up the web interface and start writing more documentation.

If you do want to build it you'll want jmk. My makefile.jmk is included in CVS. You'll need javac and java around. If you want to build a native linux binary, "jmk native" will do it if you have gcj-3.0 installed. (on debian: apt-get install gcj-3.0).

Once you have it built, you can run "./s2compile perl 123 core.s2" and it'll spit out perl. But I'm getting ahead of myself. The real point of this post was to say there's more than one copy of S2 in the world now and hopefully a lot more in 24 hours, should internap get blown up.

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