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BML for Support page

In reply to mart's comments at


I wanted to see something like that done, and I've been expecting that Brad would want it even more. This really helps a lot.

Let's work on some things, though, before this goes on the site.

First, support-links itself should contain nothing but SPRTFAQ blocks. That way, the links can be used on other pages, too. Everything else that's currently in 'support-links' belongs in support/index.bml. I know, this will be difficult to co-ordinate, but let's try.

Second, thumbs down on repeating the Known Issues 3 times on one page. Users already see the Known Issues on both support/ and support/submit.bml, and that's enough. There are better ways of making the box more noticeable, like improved page layout, and judicious bolding of key words.

Third, let's rename a few things. Over time, the links to FAQs in SPRTFAQ blocks will mostly be replaced by links to Guides. A better name for the block would be DOCCAT. (And the CATEGORY parameter could be called NAME instead.) If it's possible to avoid abbreviating SUPPORT as SPRT elsewhere, that would be an improvement, too. The single P makes it less than obvious what SPRT stands for.

Fourth, if you look at my mockup of the complete Support page, you'll see there are additional boxes ("Current Issues" and "Help somebody out") that use the same table style as the numbered steps. The "Current Issues" box should probably have its own BML block type (e.g., BULLETIN), so that we can highlight it somehow; but "Help somebody out" is really just a fourth SPRTSTEP, with a width specifier and no title. Can you modify the .look files to support these differences?

I've posted proposed replacements for support/index.bml and inc/support-links, showing how I'd like things set up when all the changes are complete. Can you create .look files that work with these? The result should end up looking like my mockup.

When I know how much of this is doable, we can talk about how it should be phased in.

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