Dave (drocko) wrote in lj_dev,

hi everyone! my real name is dave. i have a lot of experience with computers and networks (i'm half cisco certified after all) moderate experience with linux, and some experience with perl. as well as some other minor things.

and i would like to help. so heres one of

anyways, i really like livejournal so i thought i would try to contribute a little bit. my crazy idea is to mess with the style system so a user (most likely a paid user) could use a style that used macromedia flash to draw up the users journal so that said user could have dynamic content thats animated and pretty. i think that by displaying a cool, eye catching feature like that would entice people to get a paid account, or at least wonder what other cool junk comes with it. i have experience with flash, and will have access to it at my school, so thats not a problem.

i see two problems with this so far. 1, to make dynamic flash content, you have to use ASP. (at least from my understanding) just from browsing the apache documentation, it seems there are modules for doing ASP stuff. but ive never used it so i don't know about it. secondly (2) S2 is fast approaching. it probably wouldn't be a good idea to go and create this crazy flash system if the whole style thing is about to get turned upside down.

i guess i'd like some input on it before i start work. so if anyone has something to say about it, i'd appreciate the input.

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