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WANTED: Programming Experience

Let's say we have a subject. This subject wants to help lj. Assume Subject has no programming knowledge, no cash, but an eagerness to learn and some spare hours a week. Where should our querent start his quest for knowledge that will eventually help the lj community? Should he start with a VBASIC or C compiler that someone will recommend (freeware, of course; reember, he's poor)? Or should he skip basic languages and just jump into web programming with the assistance of one of the finer webtutorials?

This is a chance for dev to take stock of who's working on what, to see what is needed. It's also a chance for people reading dev to see what they can do to help.

Please take this thread seriously, and refer to as many on-line references as you'd like/as you can. I already have three or so paid accounts, and I'm a bit tired of support, but I'd still like to help. I'd like to look at the source code and at least have an idea what the fsck is going on so I can make better suggestions and more articulate and accurate answers in support.

My thanls,

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