Gaal Yahas (gaal) wrote in lj_dev,
Gaal Yahas

Deferred sending of journal entries - JLJ hack

I hacked the JLJ Perl client to support offline editing and deferred sending of journal entries. This is quite rudimentary, completely unofficial, might get into fights with your cat etc. etc., but if you're a modem user and want to give it a shot, grab this:

And use it just like you would use JLJ usually, *but*:

To write a deferred entry (that is, while you're offline):

    jlj -d

This will prepare everything to be sent but not actually contact the server; your actual message will be saved in a spool directory. Then,
Send your deferred entry when you do go online:

    jlj -s filename

(for example, jlj -s /home/roo/.jljspool/996237998-R )

The spool file is deleted after the entry is successfully sent.

Tell me what you think, but remember this is alpha quality!

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