winchell (ex_winchell343) wrote in lj_dev,

LJ = right on

Oy! I wanted to say how great a project I think this is... it's opened my eyes about how productive open source can be.

I'm going to be using the server to host a site for traders (financial markets) to keep their journals on. It's partially set up right now but I'll hold off on showing it to you all since the design has yet to be redone. It's not very interesting yet! I'll hopefully be giving something significant back to Brad and the gang when the rest of the business gets rolling.

I've got a technical question. I plan on giving everyone full functionality over their journals, and in return there will be a tiny image near the top directing them back to the main page. Since everyone will have control over their pages, how can I make that something they can't change? Hope that's not a huge problem, but have a feeling it might be since it's basically just adding static content while the user already has control over the whole thing. Is this making any sense? I'm not as versed on how the code is written as some of you, so maybe someone could shed some light on it. Thanks!

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