Hue hue hue (crackmonkey) wrote in lj_dev,
Hue hue hue

Any club that would have me...

Hi. I'm crackmonkey, an "early adopter" and now happy paying customer.

My real name is Matt, and I'm (primarily) a Java coder, with moderate experience with Perl and C++. I live in the D/FW area of Texas, and I have computers as pets.

I joined this because I'm writing a java library to handle the LJ protocol in a generic, multi-user fashion (to be embedded in a servlet or JSP or whatever). So far, it's primitive and only implements checkFriends (BTW, the interval doesn't seem to be working as the docs say yet...). After some cleanup and making the primary class into a Singleton factory, I'll release it.

Outside of that, I await sinking many hours into this giant sinkhole on the net.
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