Chris (choric) wrote in lj_dev,

Hi again, all.

Thanks for the help earlier. I've knocked up a 'Current music:' analyser in perl. It'll use syncitems to get a list of journal entries (subject to the first 500 limitation), then getevents with 'one' to download each and push to an array if there's a current_music event. If it's in the form /(.*) - (.*)/ (ie. Artist - Title), it'll push that to a hash, and then sort the hash into descending numerical, then lexical, and then print it all.

Anyway. Um. The code's here, and there's a sample session as a text file here.

If anyone wants to help add features such as:
  • functions (!)
  • output to html support
  • graphing of results using GD::Graph::Lines
  • gtk as a front-end
  • moods as well as music (not as trivial as it sounds, as getevents returns moodids rather than moods)
let me know, or feel free to just hack into the code and post somewhere here..

Hope someone finds this vaguely entertaining. :-)


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