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Poll Creator Improvements...

My unix box is kinda dead right now, but as soon as I get it back up, here's my current list of things to fix/add to the Poll Creator.

- some stylistic/commenting changes that i've already completed.

- is a "question" field actually necessary to have a valid form? Check this out and fix accordingly.

- error notices "follow" their elements during move:, but not during insert:. Fix.

- should error notices be detected shown during build process? or only after they try to 'generate' ?

- check limits on to/from/by fields. Is there a limit? Doubt it. I impose a stupid one.

- radio boxes >> radio buttons?

- insert element: >> insert question:

- error notes in standard red or other outstanding color ? maybe. dunno about this one.

- limit notes (1-255), etc after relevant fields.

- get fitz to put up some links

... probably most importantly ...

- somehow integrate poll creation with the web post tool? perhaps something like: click here to start a new post with this poll would pass the poll code to the update page or something... would require slight modification of update.bml, but no biggie.

Anyone else have ideas/comments ? Sorry for such a long post.

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