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LJU Client, Chat Server?


This is my first post to this group, and there are really three reasons for this post. First off, I notice that in user profiles, you can check what clients they use. I.e. in my profile you can see I use a whole host of Win32-*LJU clients. They're really one client, one I've been developing and is coming along quite nicely. The question is: how do you get statistics on who uses the client? This is mentioned in the Developers area of the LJ site and I'm wondering--how can I see how many people are using a particular client?

LJU (LiveJournal Updater, for lack of a better name) has not been released to the public yet, so there should only be two, maybe three people using it. But when it is released, hopefully in the near future, I'm going to be curious. :)

The second point I'd like to bring up is a chat server. I was writing in my journal today and the idea came to me: what if we allowed people to initiate client to client chats, file transfers, you name it. The whole idea of LiveJournal is about community, right? What better way to help foster people meeting people than by giving them an easy method to get to know eachother?

I propose a very simple, decentralized system which requires only a slight modification to the LJ server. Add a new key-value pair called chatip which allows the client to pass in its IP address to enable chatting. Then, let's say I'm interested in chatting with bob, I can send a getchatip event with user=bob, and if the server has a chatip on file, it returns it, else it errors. The client can then contact that IP address to see if they're around and update the buddy list, etc.

The second method, requiring no server modification, is to setup a secondary server dedicated to chat. Users would login to the chat server much like they login to LJ, and the chat server would fake a login to LJ to see if the username and password is valid. Then the IP addresses could be passed out by this secondary chat server. Hm, on second thought, that might be the better method anyway. Let LJ focus on what it's good at, and let the chat system be an optional plugin set of Perl scripts which the user can add about.

Third point: who do I talk to about getting my client linked to on the LiveJournal download page? :) Also looking for beta testers, if anybody is interested. Drop me a line, xb95@yahoo.com.

Okay, enough disjointed ramblings. My apologies if this has been brought up before. Feel free to lay out the smackdown if necessary! Also apologies if this messes up--this will be the first time the client has posted to a journal other than my personal journal.

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