dormando (dormando) wrote in lj_dev,

Photo server stuff.

Hey all,

Been working on the photo server, and discussing some stuff, and we have the typical issues...

art vs. pr0n? How do we want to judge content? Do we want to judge content? How do we handle this?
external-linking? Since the space is paid, I'm ok with this, under a bandwidth quota... what do you guys think? We could possibly lose a lot of money through popular users.
Bandwidth? We're going to need to mark bandwidth usage... Not sure how much though. It generally takes a lot to cost anyone money.
I'm thinking of having a nightly routine on the photo server which analyzes logfiles for bandwidth usage on various users, and if they've exceeded quota, it twiddles permissions on their directory. It also e-mails them information on what happened, how long they have to wait to get it back, and the top 5 or so bandwidth-intensive images and how much bandwidth each used.

Hmm, yeah. Lots of work.

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