Martin Atkins (mart) wrote in lj_dev,
Martin Atkins

A Little Bug

A user has just spotted a little bug in the web update page. The update page uses the authfields generator from ljlib to put in the username and password box, or a thing saying "you are logged in as...". When you use altlogin to use a different username other than the one you are logged in as, and you use the spellchecker, the page comes back after checking with the auth_fields back on "you are logged in as..." again.

I've not looked at the code, but I think this will be as easy as adding ?altlogin=1 to the ACTION attribute of the form if the user is indeed using altlogin=1. I don't know if Brad's form handler will deal with both GET-type variables and POST-type variables at once though. In that case, we should pass the value of altlogin in a hidden form element where it should still work since they go into the same hash.

I'm not going to do this right away, since I've got enough other things on my todo list to get done. If someone else wants to do it, let me know and I won't do it... other than that, I'll do it when I get to it.


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