Michael Johnson (ahze) wrote in lj_dev,
Michael Johnson

FreeBSD filesystem..

I have read alot in the past weeks about FreeBSD filesystems , and I have pretty much optmized my filesystem as much as it will go... Anyways , There are a few mount(8) options that lj could use.

for instance from the man page...

Do not update the file access time when reading from a
file. This option is useful on filesystems where there
are large numbers of files and performance is more criti-
cal than updating the file access time (which is rarely
ever important). This option is currently only supported
on local filesystems.

This could be put on htdocs slice.

I use noatime on /usr/obj ; /usr/src . And I can tell a HUGE difference in speed with this option. Theres tons more options that might be helpfull for lj.

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